Integrative Psychiatry


True Healing.Not Just Symptom Management.

Mental health and behavioral conditions are more than just chemical imbalances. In addition to psychological and social stressors, mental health conditions often have biological roots that can be found deep in the body. This is why a one-size-fits-all treatment plan does not work for so many.

You deserve to know the WHY behind your symptoms. Working with your unique needs, we apply a comprehensive, integrative approach to identify the root causes behind symptoms such as sadness, brain fog, fatigue, and sleep disturbances to create a bright path forward to whole-health.

Cultivating Health From The Foundation Up

Conventional medicine often starts and stops at symptom relief, without getting to the why behind symptoms. This approach may lead to feeling like you have to learn to live with your health concerns.

We use functional medicine alongside traditional treatment approaches to help you achieve optimal wellness. Integrative/functional medicine expands your treatment options by bringing together the best approaches from conventional and holistic medicine.

Key Components of Integrative Psychiatric Care:

Comprehensive Testing

We consider every possible contributor to your condition, from nutritional deficiencies and microbiome health, to mitochondrial function and immune dysfunction.

Whole-health Perspective

Our personalized approach applies the latest research in mental health and functional medicine to achieve long-term, sustainable healing — not just temporary relief.

Traditional & Alternative Treatment Options

We blend psychiatry, exercise, nutrition, medication, and personalized health strategies to help you create and build your vision of optimal wellness.

Psychological & Emotional Support

Through compassionate, genuine, supportive care, it is our goal for you to feel valued, understood, and hopeful every step of the way.

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Our Principles on Integrative — Functional Psychiatry

1. All body systems are deeply interconnected

What happens within our bodies is connected in a complicated network of relationships. Understanding these connections allows us to see deep into the body’s functioning. Integrative — functional care restores balance in the body’s primary physiological processes.

2. Functional medicine views us all as being different

We understand that you are genetically and biochemically unique and we believe in treating the individual, not the disease. This approach supports the innate healing mechanisms of the body, naturally, rather than attacking disease directly.

3. Your body is intelligent

Your body has the capacity for self-regulation, which expresses itself through a dynamic balance of all your body systems.

4. Health is not just the absence of disease

To be healthy does not just mean that you do not have any active diseases, but your body is in a state of immense vitality. It is therefore important to see what the body is lacking to enhance it’s functioning.

5. Your body has the ability to heal.

The human body is equipped with all the necessary tools to prevent the onset of the diseases of aging, with the correct support.

Our integrative approach is a way to bring all the pieces together and create a comprehensive plan to restore mental and physical wellness so you can thrive. Our personalized plans may include psychotherapy, psychiatric treatment, medications, supplements, nutrition, herbal medicine, mindfulness, and more.

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Benefits of MAT for Opioid Use Disorder

Reduces Cravings

MAT helps reduce the intense cravings for opioids, making it easier for individuals to abstain from drug use.

Prevents Withdrawal

Medications in MAT alleviate the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that often accompany attempts to quit opioids, increasing the likelihood of successful recovery.

Reduces Risk of Overdose

MAT reduces the risk of overdose because it blocks the euphoric effects of opioids, making it less likely for individuals to relapse into high-dose opioid use.

Improves Quality of Life

By addressing both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction, MAT can lead to improved mental health, relationships, and overall quality of life.


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