Functional Medicine


Mental Health Isn’t JUST In Your Head.

Psychiatric conditions are more than just chemical imbalances in the brain. In addition to psychological and social stressors, these conditions often have biological roots that can be found deep in the body. 

True healing often requires more than just a pill, which is why we offer more than just a prescription…we offer a whole-health approach to mental wellness. Our approach starts with individualized assessment and testing to develop a personalized plan to identify root causes and remove the barriers to complete wellness.

The Components Of The Functional Medicine Approach:

Patient History

Our assessment reviews your health concerns, psychiatric and medical history, lab results and past treatments, all while considering your needs and goals. We are thoughtful in prescribing medications and act as a guide in developing your individualized path to wellness.

Physical Examination

Our physical examination typically includes vital signs, body composition, skin/nails/hair, focusing on signs that are relevant to any systemic imbalances.

Diagnostic Tests

Advanced laboratory tests are applied to look deeply into your physiology and identify imbalances where necessary. Identifying root-causes guide your individualized treatment plans.

*Some of these tests may be covered by insurance and used in traditional approaches, others use specialized laboratories including DNA, mitochondrial, stool and saliva analysis which is likely not covered by insurance.

Treatment Plan

The nurse practitioner will recommend individualized strategies, drawing from your strengths and needs. This may include nutritional supplements, medications, therapy, and regular follow-up visits using outcome-based tools.

*This method is used alongside conventional medical consultations and may lead to adjusted or reduced prescribed medications.

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